Make Money Writing On Squidoo

So you want to stay home and make money. Well Squidoo is an excellent place to start. Squidoo offers a chance to write about what you know, what you are passionate about. From your love of lavender to how to build a WiFi hotspot , the templates and income generating modules make it so easy. And they send monthly payments straight to your paypal account.

So how does it really work? Just click on the create a new lens link and you will be taken to a page that you can specify your topic, title, tags and URL. Then just pick which modules you want to include. Always remember that content is what makes your lens great so be sure to add lots of text. In between you can sprinkle it with modules like YouTube Vids, RSS Feeds, and a guestbook.

The income generating part comes when you add on money making modules. There are a ton of these from places like,, KBToys and Ebay just to name a very small few. From these you get income when someone clicks on your links and buys product from these companies. And If you sell on sites like Ebay or Cafepress, you can direct buyers to your own products for even more profit. Best of all, everyone shares in the profits of the click through for Google ads so you will always generate an income.

So why not become a lensmaster and try Squidoo? It is fun and so addicting!

This is a small list of some of my favorite Squidoo Lens:
So You Want To Work At Home
Fairy Craft
Build a Cob House
Everything Cupcakes