Beware of Shipping Fraud Scams

I found a video on From the U.S. Postal Inspectors and one from Channel 2 Denver News. The scammer uses stolen credit cards to buy merchandise and have it shipped to unsuspecting people who only want to work at home. The shipped goods are then turned around and sent somewhere else. Even I was surprised by watching this information and can't imagine thinking you are working legitimately from home and then be arrested. I just want my readers to know that I have researched everything that I have written about on this site. But please check them out for yourself and rely on your good judgement. Please be wary of any advertisement that offers too good to be true money for working at home. And check out any leads for a job before giving out any information and never pay to work from home. There are some really good forums (listed in my sidebar) out there that have thousands of members that can help you to find out if a job is legit.