Work At Home Spotlight - New

New offers work at home positions as customer care represtatives. As a Home-Based CCR, you help customers from the comfort of your home - answering their questions, troubleshooting problems with their product and arranging service or replacement as needed. New offers paid training and flexible hours and you are an employee. Pay is hourly at $9.00 an hour.

The following are the basic equipment requirements: • PHONE: Must be a corded phone connected directly to your hard-wired analog phone line. Cordless phones and cell phones are not acceptable. Call waiting, voicemail and any other feature that will interfere with receiving incoming calls, must be disabled during working hours. Voice-over-IP phones and digital phone service is not acceptable. • PC: A computer running Windows XP SP2 or Vista and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.xSP1 or Internet Explorer 7.0. • Broadband Internet Access This is a high speed internet connection that must be able to consistently provide download speeds of 768 download and 256 upload. This must be a hard wired service such as DSL/Cable/Fiber. Wireless service or Satellite broadband services are not acceptable. • HEADSET: Minimum specifications include a corded headset with noise-cancelling microphone and mute feature, hands-free design (one ear or two ear designs are acceptable). Note, Blue Tooth and cordless headsets are not permitted.

For more information please visit New's website.