Work At Home Spotlight - eSylvan

If you have a teaching certificate, then this job may be for you. Work from the comfort of your home tutoring students in grades 3-9 at Sylvan Online. Using a headset, digital pencil, and digital writing pad, as well as their home PC, teachers talk to their students, voice-to-voice, and write on a shared virtual white board space. eSylvan designs a personalized program for each student, complete with lessons from eSylvan's skills-based, fully-developed curriculum.

Job Requirements are that you need to have a current teaching certification. (A previous certification will only be considered if the certification has lapsed, not if the certification was revoked.)
You should be comfortable using computers, and have a current Windows-based PC.
Broadband access to the Internet (DSL, cable modem, or ISDN) from your home is required.

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