Work at Home Spotlight - Public Opinion Research

Update March 2009: Public Opinion Research is now Brick x Brick Consulting

At Public Opinion Research you will be working as a telephone interviewer doing direct research by calling individuals and asking them to participate in a telephone survey. You will then read them the questions and fill in their responses on-line through their website. Most projects are political, asking questions about who they would vote for or opinions on current issues.

Pay is on a contract basis for each interview completed. Rates vary on length of survey. You will need access to a computer with high speed (DSL or cable) Internet access. A quite place to work where you will not be disturbed. A land line, cell phone, or Voice over IP phone line with an inexpensive, unlimited calling plan.
They recommend having a caller ID block put on your phone so that people you are calling don't have your personal number.

This job is not a full time position. Work is on a as needed basis. Visit Public Opinion Research for more information.