My Personal Experience - Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Today was the second time I was hired to freelance as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. I am thinking that you could make a bit of a living doing this as a home business. Now of course I have not done the full extent of what it means to be a Virtual Assistant. There are many faucets of that job. So let me explain my small segment of the work I did.

I had a friend who knew that I work from home doing a variety of jobs. My friend had an acquaintance who is a Real Estate agent. The agent happened to be a very busy person with lots of other projects going on. He needed someone to simply call other agents that had shown properties that he was the listing agent on and to ask them to answer a short questionnaire on the property. He emailed me the list of agents with phone numbers in Microsoft Word format and it was easy for me to just bring up the document to copy and paste the questions under each name. With the use of my business phone and a headset, it was super simple to call each person and ask them the questions. At the end of the project I just emailed the completed document back to him.

So all of this made me wonder that if there is one very busy Realtor, there must be many more. I believe that it would not be hard to make up business cards, a brochure or a simple website and get quite a few clients that need clerical task performed. Some other services you could offer are creating a website, designing and printing brochures, maintain a blog or send out email and postcards. Perhaps you could help with listings or even take photos if you are in the clients area.

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