Feeling The Economic Bite? A Few Suggestions To Help With A Little Extra Cash.

With the continued down slide of the economy and much uncertainty of the security of jobs, this is a great time to try and stock up on what we call in the WAHM world, more eggs for our basket. For me, my main job would be working for West, but with the fact that it is contracted with a major corporation does not mean that there is any security there at all. I also have Public Opinion Research, which is not steady, but when ever they have something available. Mechanical Turk, not much there, but fun! I have Squidoo for a little bit in my Paypal account each month, my online store and of course my blogs.

Besides my main work, everything else does not add up to much extra cash. So I am sitting here trying to think of some other eggs to place in my work basket. Besides all of the major work at home jobs I have listed on this site, these are some of the little things that could help bring in a little bit more.

Etsy.com for crafts and vintage items.
Ebay.com for just about anything.
Associated Content for writing articles.
Craigslist for selling unwanted stuff quick.
Some more Squidoo articles, the more you write, the more you make.
Surveys, yes believe it or not, I have actually made some money doing this.
Freebies, From cat food to cereal, everything helps.

I would welcome any other ideas that you can think of and just leave them in the comments.