Searching For Another Way To Make Money From Home

So, I know I have listed a lot of information on working from home at customer service jobs. I am currently employed by West and for the most part it is an ok job. But it is a job that is not very creative or challenging.

When I was younger (that would be way back in my 20's) it was my passion to be able to have a career in writing. At the time I was way into historical romance novels and actually belonged to Romance Writers of America and had entered their writing contest for several years. Needless to say I was never published and somewhere along the way my dream of being the great American novelist died in the path of having to make a living.

Now I am looking into ways to take my passion for writing and my need for money in a better direction. So I am taking a long look at blogging for a living and have started some brand new blogs to try and get an income generated. In addition to The Work From Home Mother and my Gypsiedream blog, I have started two new blogs at My Life In Colorado and All Things That Are Me. These are all general interest blogs, but stay with me in the coming months and I will see if I can figure out how to monetize these blogs. In return I will post what I discover so that maybe it will help you to get started on a moneymaking path to stay at home freedom.