A Solution To The High Cost Of Running Your Own Website or Blog!

I have paid for the hosting service for my Gypsiedream Store for almost two years now. As it is coming to the end of my two year contract, I am thinking that the expense is out weighing the revenue coming in. Though I hate to give up something that I have put a lot of work into, that is something I am considering. Besides the cost, the store is ran using Oscommerce and I have to say that although it is free opensource software, it is very complicated to use.

I have been looking for an economical way to host my website and maybe for one of my blogs. I checked out 000webhost and found out that they will actually host your site for free! There is no catch. You get 350 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel just like a paid hosting site. And there is no advertising on your pages.

I joined and have been playing around with it in my spare time. So far I have uploaded Wordpress with no problems using fantastico auto installer. I plan in the future to try and transfer one of my other blogs over there. I also uploaded Oscommerce so when my paid hosting for my store is up at the end of the year I can host it there.

I figure I can easily add my own domain name and I have found that the best place to get one so far is at www.GoDaddy.com
So I figure that by using this free hosting service, free software from Wordpress or Oscommerce, and spending around $10.00 on a domain name, that it is a great solution to my problem. I think it sounds like a pretty good deal.