Brush Up On Your Skills With A Free Course

I am always looking for ways to improve my skills. A while back I found some free courses at One of the first free courses I took was for customer service skills. It was a great little brush up course to keep me on my toes. They also offer:

Free A+ Certification Training Course
Networks (CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-601)

Free JavaScript Training Course
Start Using JavaScript (JavaScript)

Free Business Management Training Course
Management in Perspective (Fundamentals of Business Management)

Free Visual Basic .NET Training Course
DataSets and XML Data (Visual Basic .NET for XML Web MCSD)

Free PHP and MySQL Training Course
Programming with PHP (PHP and MySQL)

Free Customer Service Training Course
Communicating - (Customer Service)

Free HTML and XHTML Training Course
Basics of HTML and XHTML (Web Publishing and Design with HTML & XHTML)

Free Windows Server 2003 Training Course
Working with Active Directory (Windows Server 2003)

Free Excel 2007 Training Course
Creating a Worksheet (Excel 2007)

Free Leadership Training Course
Creating and Communicating Vision (Leadership - Business Skills Videos)

These are not the full courses that they offer but parts of the ones they offer for a fee. I just thought it was fun to do and wanted to share them with you.


Lisette said...

That's a good list. I just wanted to add a link to courses offered online through colleges and universities for free. RIT is one of the universities and you can learn anything from beginning chinese to programming with the Python language. Here's the link:

Trapped in the Office said...

I will have to look into these. Looks like a great idea. Thanks for the tip. ~Katy

The Work From Home Mother said...

Lisette, Thanks for the link, I will be looking into that.

mspennylane said...

I love courses and am trying to learn some computer skills, thanks for the useful links!

The Work From Home Mother said...

Your welcome Mspennylane, I did the customer service one about a year ago and did very well at it. They even gave me a certificate of completion that I could print out. I tried the A + cert. and did terrible on the pre-test. And here I thought I was a lot more computer savvy.

alt search said...

Thanks for the info. I can do free :)

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