Work At Home Spotlight - ACD Direct

ACD Direct hires work at home agents with call center experience. Their website states that "you are paid for each minute of talk time with some incentives. The more you work, the more you earn. And... you decide when to work in the comfort of your own home. Once you've proven yourself, you may also choose to pursue advancement within the company to further increase your earning."

Some things they would like you to know before you apply are:

* Call center experience (preferably work at home) is a MUST.
* We require a high quality computer with high speed Internet service.
* You must have a dedicated phone line without Privacy Plus, etc.
* Your work space must be a dedicated office with a door.
* We have zero tolerance for background noises during calls.
* Your status will be an independent contractor.
* You invoice us, we pay you and you are responsible for your tax obligation.
* You will be required to complete all initial training before taking calls.
* You are expected to complete ongoing/recurrent training.
* You must remain up to date on all resources that relate to your call types.

Basically, you would work as an independent contractor which means you are responsible for your taxes and cost of equipment. Pay is based on talk time per minute and is paid once a month. You are not paid for your training or any meetings. There is a $30 fee for a background check. This is a seasonal job taking non-profit pledge calls working four times a year, three or four weeks at a time.

For more information please go to the ACD Direct website.