The Work From Home Mother Is A Rock Star!

I want to thank Irene at Happy Healthy Families for awarding me this great Rock Star Award.

It looks like in order to accept this award, the recipient must reveal 8 amazing things about themselves and then pass it on to 8 more rock star bloggers. Soooo, can I have a drum roll please?

1. I would love to be a ghost hunter. I even have the name picked out for the business.

2. I have a daughter that I put up for adoption and found and reunited with 27 years later.

3. I had my second daughter at home with a midwife. (The midwife almost didn't make it there in time for the birth)

4. I met my husband on a blind date.

5. We got married in a hand fasting ceremony.

6. I used to be a bartender.

7. I love 80's hair bands!

8. I love dark chocolate.

Now I pass this Rock Star Award on too......

because she is my karaoke partner in crime.

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