Open Up Your Own Shop For Free!

Have you ever wanted to open an online store? From my own personal experience with opening my first online store two years ago, I put out about $400 dollars to a web hosting service and a guy who sold me a pre-stocked ecommerce store. It was an expensive lesson in how to enter the world of Internet entrepreneurship. Though things were bad about the experience, like the program was so complicated and all written in PHP language so that I struggled with every thing I tried to do on it, I did learn a lot from how it all works and to be wary of snake oil salesmen. offers free storefronts and web hosting so that starting your store cost you nothing. You get room for unlimited products and categories, up to 10 photos per item, and your own domain name. Accept payments from Paypal and google checkout. You can even accept money orders, cashier checks, personal checks or C.O.D's. Their program can even calculate shipping and taxes.

This is something I just signed up for and am currently working on a Shabby Chic storefront. You can view what I have done so far at So far it seems really easy. The biggest suggestion I would have is that you would need to do your own advertising to make this really work. One effective way you could advertise would be through online ads like Project Wonderful or through google's Adwords.

I think is an excellent way to start an online business. The only real risk is your time.

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