Work At Home As An Guide

If you have expert knowledge and are a good writer you may want to check out to become a guide. This is a flexible freelance job that offers a guaranteed base pay of $725 per month for the first two years, with a $500 minimum a month after that. You also can make in addition to the base pay, payment by page view. According to their website the average pay is $1000 and up a month.

The editors at choose 5 applicants per topic each week to go into stage 1 training and basically are checking out the writing skills of each applicant. From there you may be picked to go to stage 2 where you learn to use their publishing tools and make a test site. After this stage of training, the editors pick their new guide. Training is not paid, but you retain rights to all of your articles and if you are picked you are given training compensation of $250.

Different topics are listed all the time, so make sure you check out their website often to see if there is something listed that you are an expert on. To see what topics are available and for more information please go to be a guide.

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