Work At Home For KGB

Work at home as a "Special Agent" for KGB. No, really! KGB needs Special Agents to support their new 2-way text, Ask Us Anything service, kgbkgb.

Requirements are that you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, have a U.S. social security number or taxpayer ID number, work as an Independent Contractor, have access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection and be willing to download Firefox Mozilla.

For Qualifications you must be a skilled Internet researcher, be able to quickly identify keywords, have excellent grammar and spelling skills, and be a fast and accurate typist. You must be able to work a minimum of 27 hours per month or 6 hours per week on average.

For more information and to apply visit the KGB recruitment website.

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TJ said...

Is this a Legit job?

Melissa said...

Please do not reply to the comment above that is not my email address.

Laura said...

Yes, this is a legitimate job.

Anonymous said...

We are currently hiring at KGB, so if anyone is looking to make a few extra bucks in their free time just send me an email at and I can send you an application. Please include your name in the email.


Laura said...

Thanks Steve, I will pass this along.

Maria said...

Yes this is a legit job. It was featured on good morning america the other day.

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