Work At Home Idea - Start A Gift Basket Business

Are you creative and have a good eye for detail and design? Starting a Gift Basket business could be a fun way to make money from home. Like any other start up, first you should draw up a business plan. Do this even if you are not seeking financial help. A business plan gives you a map of where to go and helps keep you on track. Make sure you have done all of your research. You will probably need a business license and a retail tax exempt number to purchase your supplies wholesale. Insurance may also be needed. Do check with your local county clerks office for what is required to start your business.

Decide on what type of gift baskets you want to start with. You may want to concentrate at first only on selling to a niche market like to corporations or real estate agents. This will keep your cost down and allow you to put all of your energy into marketing just to that one field. Once you have established yourself it should be easier to branch out into different types of baskets.

Search the Internet for suppliers and wholesalers for everything from containers, filler, wrapping, ribbons, and items to put in your basket. Business cards are important along with a brochure of the products you offer. When you start you will probably be marketing yourself by going to businesses and leaving your information and if you can afford it, by leaving a sample of your product.

You may decide that you want to start with a website. Just remember that this can be costly, but it is a great way to point people to your product. The downside is a website is not automatic traffic and requires a lot of work in marketing so that customers find you among the many other websites out there.

Here are some resources to help get you started:

First make sure that you have the talent to put together a great looking gift basket. Take a look at this article, How to Create Gift Baskets by Robin, a gift basket designer. She has included a great slide show that tells you step by step how to put a gift basket together including item placement and how to make a professional bow.

For forums about the business go to and the boards. They also have a link page to State Tax information. is the National Gift Basket Association

You can find a virtual course on the Gift Basket Business at

Looking for a company that will set up a website for you selling their gift baskets? Try Egiftbaskets. For a fee, they will design and set up your website and you will be ready to go.

You may want to design a brochure and website and use a dropshipper. Giftbasketdropshipping allows you to have the baskets mailed to your customer.

Make your business plan with Gift Basket Company Business Plan - MS Word/Excel

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