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Just like Weegy and KGB, ChaCha is a flexible, no phone needed work at home job. ChaCha is a human powered search engine and they are willing to hire you as a guide to do the job.

ChaCha has four different guide rolls.

Expeditor: An Expeditor converts all incoming questions into a standard form, determining if answers already exist, and categorizing the questions so they’re routed to the best available Guides. You must have strong grammar and spelling skills, excellent general knowledge, fast typing, quick decision-making, and strong reasoning ability.

Generalist: As a Generalist you need to be able to comprehend, research, and answer any question thrown at you. You will need exceptional Internet search skills, strong general knowledge, good grammar and spelling, fast typing, strong reasoning ability, and sound judgment.

Specialist: Specialists research and give answers to customer questions that fall into areas of their knowledge and interests. You must have specific knowledge in your chosen subject, exceptional Internet search skills, strong reasoning ability, sound judgment, good grammar and spelling, fast typing, and strong general knowledge.

Transcriber: As a Transcriber, you listen to the voice questions that customers call in and convert them to text questions. You must have good listening skills, good spelling, fast typing, broad general knowledge, and be able to figure out what customers are really asking when they call in.

ChaCha Guides must be 18 or older, fluent in English, have a US mailing address, be authorized to work in the U.S. and must have a high-speed Internet connection. You are paid on a per-transaction basis and generally make $3 to $9 per hour with some guides making even more.

ChaCha offers flexible working with no set schedule. You can sign on at anytime and work for as little or as long as you like. They employ you as an independent contractor and pay through a bank card or direct deposit to your bank after reaching $100. They offer a full training process, but it is not paid.

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