Work at Home as a General Transcriptionist

Thinking of working in the field of general transcription? I have had a lot of people ask me how to find a job in this area. First, you must be very fast at typing and ten key. The desired typing rate is at 75 wpm or above. You must also be able to listen well and spell accurately. The ability to do Internet research is helpful in looking up things you may not know like correct spelling and other information. Pay can vary and usually depends on how fast you transcribe. The standard turn around time is usually four work hours to transcribe one audio hour.

You will need some equipment in order to transcribe. You must have a computer, a headset for listening to audio, and a foot petal to stop, play, pause, rewind and fast forward. There is some software that you will need. Microsoft Word is usually required. Other software you will need will be for audio playing and conversion. A FTP program is also used to download files from companies.

This is a list of companies that hire for general transcribing:

AccuTran Global
ADS Transcription
ANP Transcriptions
Caption Colorado
Chromolume Transcription
Cambridge Transcription
E-Typist Transcription
Modern Day Scribe
Mulberry Studio
Task Transcription

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