Work at Home Writing for Textbroker

With you are not required to be a professional journalist or writer. They are looking for people with varied interest to write articles for their clients. You only have to have a good understanding of grammar, a literary sense, and the desire to write. Payment is guaranteed and based on either fixed word-rates or pre-negotiated rates. What you make is determined by your quality level rating. From what I have read from writers at textbroker, it is not really that hard to move up in levels. Payment for a 2 star writer is 0.7 cents per word, 3 star 1.0 cents, 4 star 1.4 cent and 5 star 5.0 cents per word. This makes an article of 500 words for a 5 star writer worth 25.00.

Their website says you can work from any workstation, so I believe this means from anywhere in the world. If you would like more information please visit their website at
Update:Thanks to Dina, who commented that in their faq section it states this: "Anybody living in America can register as an author at Textbroker." So I would say this opportunity is for those living in the U.S., Thanks Dina for pointing this out.