Easy Google Profit - Is This a Scam?

I would like to thank Tara who is one of my readers for emailing this question about Easy Google Profit. I figured since I have done the research, I might as well share it with everyone.
Tara wrote:

"I would like to know if you have any information about the following link regarding "easy Google profit" http://usajobnewsdaily.com/index.php?arid=telecommuting-jobsbroad&gclid=CIHUhtLVn5sCFSMSagodwDrlCA. I have found so many "work at home opportunities" that do not pay much money and if this one is true, the income potential is more like what I am looking for. I just don't want to send away for yet another bogus informational packet/CD on how to make money on-line that is not legitimate. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated."

This is what I found out about Easy Google Profit.

When I clicked on the link within the usajobnewsdaily.com article, it brought me to a website called recessionproof360.com. I googled it with the word scam and came up with one hit. You can view it here: http://iblogaholic.com/rambles/easy-google-profit-scam/ (This site has an excellent explaination as to how the scam works). As for "Easy Google Profit" if you google it with the word scam, you can come up with a lot of information on how it is a scam. This is the Better Business Report on the company:

My advice is that you should stay far away from this offer.

This is from recessionproof360's Terms and Conditions.

5. Orders/Billing. In consideration for the Online Products you receive from Turner XP1 inc., you agree to pay the Fees (as defined below). You shall have the choice to pay the Fees via the credit card or debit card that you provide as part of your Application or update as a later date ("Active Credit Card"). Your card will be charged a processing fee of $1.97 to start your free trial;

Offer Details: Clicking the buy button will activate your trial membership with Turner XP1 inc. and provide instructions to the supplied email address! To activate your trial membership to Turner XP1 inc. your card will be charged $1.97 and then you can immediately take advantage of the exciting savings Turner XP1 inc. has to offer! After your 24 hour trial period it's just $87.11 for each 30 days for Turner XP1 Inc.

Wow, that is a lot of money to be taken from your credit card every month. I can not stress enough that if it sounds to good to be true, it is. Their ad promises that you can make $209 to $943 a day. I have to tell you that there is no work at home opportunity out there that will pay you anything near that kind of money. For me this is an instant telling sign that it is not a legitimate offer. And just because it has Google in its name does not mean that it is part of Google,Inc. Google has its own ad programs that have nothing to do with you doing posting for them.

If you are already an unsuspecting victim and have given your information to this company along with credit card numbers, you may have a hard time stopping the reoccurring charges that they will hit you with. You will want to notify your credit card company immediately to have them stop any charges that might come out from the company.

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