Work at Home Spotlight - Verety

A work at home opportunity in North Dakota and New Mexico

Verety offers work at home employment in and around Roswell, New Mexico and in Rugby, Fessenden, Steele, and Wishek, North Dakota. Associates initially spend several weeks learning to be a successful Remote Order Specialist at a designated Verety location in these cities. Remote Order Specialists take drive-thru orders for fast-food restaurants across the country.

Verety provides each associate with a computer and software, reimbursement for internet/DSL connection, a headset, paid training, and support. They offer a flexible schedule in shifts ranging from two to ten hours, and split shifts are also available.


* Good verbal communications skills
* Attention to detail
* Positive and friendly attitude
* Basic computer usage skills or a willingness to learn
* Desire a flexible working environment
* Commitment to doing a great job!

* Initially work in a Verety location for several weeks. Work@Home locations currently include these North Dakota and New Mexico communities:

o Fessenden, ND
o Roswell, NM
o Rugby, ND
o Steele, ND
o Wishek, ND

* A quiet place to work that is free of distraction. Associates must be dedicated to order taking for their entire shift. Associates must turn off telephone ringers and locate potentially noisy pets (barking dogs, etc.) in another area. Associates with small children may need to make childcare arrangements during scheduled shifts.

* DSL availability. Work@Home associates must be able to secure DSL service from a Verety-approved service provider. (Verety pays for the monthly DSL service fee.) Service providers currently include:
o BEK Communications
o Dakota Central Telecommunications
o Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative
o North Dakota Telephone Company
o Qwest Communications
o SRT Communications
o Turtle Mountain Communications
o United Telephone

Candidates who do not have access to one of these providers should still apply, as Verety is working to add new DSL providers to this group.

For more information and to apply, please visit their website at