Xomba - Make Money Writing

Increase your Google AdSense payout while adding back links to your blog and articles.

Xomba is not like most bookmarking sites. You can add valuable backlinks to your blog, website and articles, and you can make some decent Google AdSense income too.

I was a little skeptical at first and wondered what kind of scam was this. All I would have to do is bookmark anything I had written on this blog, on eHow, on Squidoo or anywhere else by writing a 50 word description for my unique link. My description would have to be a summary, not the actual article, then Xomba would put Google ads on my bookmark and give me half of the income.

Being new to this concept, I still did not understand how it worked so I signed up and looked into it. First thing you will need after signing up is to put in your Google AdSense account number. It is really true that they will pay you ad revenue straight into your adSense account. How it works is they show advertisement with your account fifty percent of the time while the other half is Xomba's ads. A 50/50 split. This is how both you and Xomba make money. The great thing is that it will add to your AdSense account, which is helpful if you have a hard time making payout every month. Great if you want to make more money.

You can also post original articles. They must be at least 150 words long. Whether you are writing bookmarks or articles, please make sure not to plagiarize. Everything you write on Xomba must be in your own words or you could risk being banned by the site.

You can even track what you are making by using channels on your AdSense account. Just go to your AdSense account. Click on the Setup tab. Click on Channels tab. Click on URL Channels. Click Add New URL Channel. In the box type in xomba.com and click add. Now you can track everything you make on the site. You can even track individual article or bookmark urls by pasting it into the box. So simple!

Now like all residual income you are not going to become rich overnight. You could make some serious money if you put the hard work into it. It is recommended by many users to post at least 3 to 5 bookmarks or articles a day so that you can build up your library. According to their website "it can take up to 3 months of consistent posting before you see a stable income".

So how am I doing? I have been a member for 3 weeks and 1 day. Have 19 bookmarks and 0 articles. I have made $5.45 with 117 AdSense page impressions. I think that is pretty cool. I have added to my Google payout. It only took me a few minutes to write up my bookmarks and I am making back links from a PR5 website. And I am getting traffic to my articles and blogs.

For me this is a winning situation. If you think you would like to try writing for Xomba and making money, this is my link for you to sign up.