Zibbet - Should You Sell on Zibbet.com - Slight of Hand

 Should you sell on zibbet.com is a first in investigations and articles about my experience on this online selling site. A partial Zibbet review for those searching for an online marketplace.

I came across something that makes me wonder what Jonathan Peacock, the CEO of Zibbet (zibbet.com) is trying to cover up. Back on February 12th of 2014 he sent out a newsletter. Here is a copy and paste of what it said:

Zibbet Newsletter 12th February, 2014 Rebuild Update and FAQs.

There have been a lot of questions about the rebuild of late. These questions have primarily been answered within community forum threads and have become hard to find. We have created a new thread to consolidate those answers into one place and answer the following questions:

Why is the rebuild taking so long?
When will the rebuild launch?
Who is working on the rebuild?
What new things can we expect to see in the rebuild?
Where can we get updates?
Where can I ask questions?

 If you've had any of these questions, make sure you swing by this thread. It had a link to the Rebuild Update Thread in the Community Hub located here community.zibbet.com/forum/topics/zibbet-rebuild-update

Unfortunately, to see it, you have to be a member of this closed community forum. And you can not be a muted and blocked seller or buyer like so many people are. Also it is worth noting that the question thread for the rebuild was closed. I believe in my opinion it was due to the fact that they didn't like the questions being asked.

For reference this is a screenshot of that thread. Focusing on the photo and text about John and Katie who are suppose to be part of the Zibbet team.

This community thread was closed to questions.

The thread said that they were introducing the Zibbet team and this is a photo of Katie and John. John is a senior Ruby on Rails engineer and Katie does design like color palette, font, button styling, ect. Supposedly they were dressed the same.

So I have definitely been noticing a lot of different things pertaining to Zibbet going poof off of the internet lately. Including any trace of this rebuild thread. In an effort, I assume, to clean up their dark little past.

I did come across something today that only showed up on my tablet. When I tried to copy and paste this photo and link, the link came up as no longer available. This is why I decided to take a photo of it on my tablet.

Notice the date. July 16, 2013. This is a photo that was taken way before anyone in that thread was hired for the rebuild. (Except maybe Pavel, if I remember correctly).
Also notice that the tweet says that they are from Pollenizer, not Zibbet.  Also their Twitter accounts have no mention of Zibbet being their employer.

Maybe you think it doesn't matter when the photo is taken, but why use a photo that is seven months old from before they were supposedly hired to work on the Zibbet rebuild? And most important is why delete it from your Twitter feed? It makes it look like they are trying to create an illusion. What I would call Smoke and Mirrors. (Isn't that what scammers do?)

To me, I think that something is not right with the stories that the CEO of Zibbet is putting out there. In the meantime, I wouldn't trust anything that comes out of Jonathan Peacock's mouth (or Andrew Gray's).

♣This is an opinion piece on why I do not recommend that you sell on Zibbet.

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