Connecting With Work At Home Moms In Your Area

I was lying in bed this morning after being awoken by my silly cat who thinks she has to tell me on a Sunday "Mom! Wake up! It's 6 am!". I was watching the very early news when I caught a commercial on TV for a new website. The part I caught was about mom's in your area connecting with each other and something about if you are a work at home mom, then you should visit Half asleep I reached for pin and paper and in the dark room jotted down their web address.

I just sat down to visit this website and found the front page to look similar to craigslist. But I saw my city toward the top of the list and clicked on Denver. This directed me to my city specific website where I could join other moms in my area not only for discussions on working from home, but they have other groups on weight loss, deals in local stores, crafters, and many others. You can also start your own group. So of course I had to join. After all working from home is a solitary job and sometimes it is nice just to connect with others who do the same thing as you.